Friday, June 24, 2011

Boy Momma

Source: via LA on Pinterest

This is me, at least for now. I pray that one day we add some pink to our world but for now I find hot wheels in my make-up bag and trucks in bed. I bathe off dirt and stickiness many times a day. My son literally growls at me and runs away laughing. The movie Cars is shown on repeat here and I laugh to myself as I watch my boy and his father wrestle on the floor every night imagining to myself the picture that it will soon be with 2 little boys loving on their daddy that way. I believe strongly in that boys are boys and that their heart is different from start. I know that even though Momma wants to stop every fall and comfort every hurt that they have the need to explore and see the world in a way that I may never fully understand.

I love some of things I have found lately via Pineterest (move over facebook this now the world's greatest time suck) and thought I would share it with you. If you are a boy momma you will most likely be able to relate to these things just as much as me.

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