Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 27th it is!

Friday morning while trying to wrangle EJ in order to get a few hours of pool time in hopes for a long afternoon nap my phone rings. As I try to juggle digging it out of my purse and helping EJ up and into his seat. I notice that its my OB office. Not too sure what in the world they could be calling for since I have been there twice this week already so I hesitantly answer. I hear a familiar voice of one of the nurses that always seems to get the pleasure of calling me. She is, also, the nurse that side-eyed my weight gain at 6 months. She's a tough cookie but seems to be good at her job so I can respect that. She begins by telling me that since my induction is elective that I have been bumped for a medically needed one.

Fear creeps through me as I wonder what that means, she relaxes me a bit with the great news that I am now in for Wednesday instead of Thursday.

But, I am still holding my breathe. Who is the dr on call? I really like my OB. He's good. He listens. He pays attention. He doesn't waste your time.

Overwhelming the practice is full of dr's just like him but there is one that is just plain awful. Like makes me want to run away at thought of dealing with her. She's mean, she doesn't listen (aka spent half of a visit reading someone else's file and dismissing me when I was like umm I already had that test etc.) and quite frankly I just really do not want to deal with her.

Well the heavens parted and I was told that another one of the drs I really like was on call that day and would be doing it. Awesome. Sounds like plan see you then.

And my very favorite the final comment was I know your in prodromal labor and pretty dilated so we can all hope that you will have to come in before then... yes, we can all hope.

However, I am not too hopeful. My children are stubborn.

So countdown to baby day is T minus 5 days.

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Ali said...

Very exciting! I cannot wait to hear about the big day. You are a superhero for living through this heat at the end of pregnancy and being an amazing mom to EJ, too--and now to the newest little boy!