Friday, March 11, 2011

Preggo Rant

This morning we overslept. Maybe it was because this has been an emotionally draining week. Maybe it was because for the first night in weeks I fell asleep fast and stayed that way all night or maybe we are just that exhausted. Whatever the reason we both missed all the queues to get up and I rolled over at 8:20 to realize that we needed to move.

Fridays are a school day and that means before 9am I am supposed to get us all up, dressed, fed and lunches packed. Not a huge deal but if I was going to do it all in the next 30 minutes I needed to work. I managed my time things got done and as I started to get EJ dressed I noticed that instead of eating all his oatmeal he decided to use it as hair gel. Yep, sticky nasty oatmeal in the hair on day that I did not have time to deal with it. I just stared as he laughed and had a very hormonally charged moment where I almost cried and I said to myself this is why I need a girl in this house.

My husband is all man. We have 2 male dogs. And to round it out we make male children. Everything is sticky here and my husband insists that we decorate with fish. I live in a man cave with more testosterone then I even know what to do with. I am forbidden to have anything girly and lets just say I am over it. I like polka dots and Craig swears that they are girly like lost his cookies with me in the middle of Target because I wanted to get EJ polka dot sheets. I was nice and got trucks but guess what too bad for Jackson. I found some crib sheets that I liked and polka dot or not I bought them.

Baby #3 is getting frills and lace and vintage whether it is a girl or boy and my husband can get over it. I love my little men but this girly girl is drowning in sea of masculinity and I need some reinforcements.


Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Get 'em.


I agree, you need some girly. Do you have enough room to make a blogger nook and have it be all pink and cute?

Ali said...

I'm with you! I did the polka dot crib sheet move, too. And my youngest boy wore a headband for Halloween (granted, it had felt wasabi and ginger attached as part of the costume), and I'm totally okay that my oldest son likes to wear bead necklaces right now. Sometimes, you need to encourage a little estrogen to feel like yourself.

Don't get me started on the Baby Legs (leggings) both my boys wore consistently.

(Is it wrong to rant when your not pregnant?)

~*Jess*~ said...

Oh honey I'm sorry! Hang in there sweet girl. And you can always text me your tears ;-)