Saturday, March 12, 2011


We said we would wait awhile. We figured pregnancy and selling a house went together like oil and water. We made plans for 2 years from now and even painted the nursery. In my ear there had always been a whisper... "you can do it, it would be for the best".
I ignored it and continued to plan. This week that whisper morphed into a scream and we both realized regardless the commitment it was the right thing to do. This nudge I hope means that this time we will find a buyer. This time our efforts will not go unseen and come August 3, 2011 sweet baby Jack will come home to new house. One that suits our growing family better.
This weekend we are staging the house. All our family pictures have come down. Furniture is being packed away. Our personal touch is being removed in hopes of inspiring another family to call this place home. For some it might be a bittersweet moment. I think it is for Craig, for me I have never been emotionally attached to this house. It's only ever been just a house. Maybe next time we will find ourselves a home. Until then we will go back to clean mode and say a  silent prayer that in time we will get ourselves a buyer.
And we can dream of the new house that we will find and hope that house brings the home we so desire.


A Scrappy Design said...

Good luck! Hope you find a buyer quickly.

~*Jess*~ said...

Eek! Good luck!!!