Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where I have been.

I know, I know its been a whole week since you all saw my face. I am very sorry but I had a very important wedding to travel to, attend and then recoup from. It was one heck of a party that lasted for days. There is always something about going back to a familar place, my former home, the place I grew up that makes my heart smile. I got to stand next to an old friend and watch her marry my brother.  I got to watch great grandparents spend hours attending to my baby boy. I got to sleep in because family was lined up to take care of the babe. I got to watch my son get spoiled and loved on by half the city. I got to spend an evening with just my husband and even found time to take nap. It was glorious. I loved every minute if it. I am even a little homesick. Here is a selection of the many photos that were taken this weekend. Congrats Marion & Robert!
Gammie juice, it's "thier secret" and we caught her!
My beautiful family, can you tell we had a good time the night before? The bride and groom sure did throw a good party.
This is probably my favorite picture. So sweet.

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~*Jess*~ said...

You guys are so stinking cute! Is that your mom and EJ in the last one? She's so pretty. And I love the secret. Haha.