Friday, August 13, 2010

Mommy needs a Martini

Once upon a time in a big southern city lived a young, energetic event planner. She spent her days planning parties and counting down until her next vacation. Such a workaholic was she, but once the day was over she relaxed. She drank wine, she vacationed across America, she knew how to be still. She learned the art of turning her brain off and relishing in a good old fashion chick flick.

One day she woke up with prince charming by her side and a sweet babe sleeping next door. She was living her fairy tale. But with this fairy tale came a new set of stresses; a different life all together. She received the gift of spending her days making sure her babe was clean, happy and full and those former workaholic ways started to resurface.  But with this job there is no PTO and there is no closing up shop for the day. This job is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and this girl turned momma has found herself a bit haggard.

Learning that there is such a thing as clean enough, that there will always be more laundry, that take out is OK sometimes and that my version of supermom is a bit lofty and tad unrealistic has been a major issue. My house is really clean, the babe is fast asleep and instead of stopping for a lunch break I caught myself stressing about laundry. Yes, there are at least 5 loads to do. Yes, I need to put away clothes and do something about the clothes that fall out of the closest when I open the door. But, waiting until after lunch is OK.

Why was I so good at managing my time when I paid to do it and so bad it in my new role? Why do I put so much pressure on myself to justify my life at home by being the perfect housewife? Why can't I turn my brain off?

So today I am vowing to give myself some PTO, to relax a little more and realize that laundry and dishes can wait just like clients and flowers did once upon time. Today this Mommy is watching a silly movie and drinking some tea. Then tonight she is toasting to her Prince Charming with a stiff Martini while the baby is in bed.


Kathleen said...

Most women struggle with the same thing. The "ideals" in our heads doesn't match up to reality and it is hard to adjust what we think and how we feel to what it should be. It's ok to take a breather and to relax! Have fun with cleaning up when you can, put on some music and dance while doing it- this always helps me not to stress about the chores!

~*Jess*~ said...

Oh honey. Yes, there is never enough time because there is always something to do. But please remember to make time for you too! Easier said than done, I promise, but still.