Monday, February 1, 2010

McFatty again.. FAIL

Enough said right?!?!
Can you believe this amazing pizza, full balsamic drizzle amazingness and all compliments of my very best friend. Yep, we have been friends FOREVER, since we had cute curls, thought boys were gross and like things like tutus and  bunnies. Needless to say many years later we are still great friends and if she is making awesome pizza well I'm gonna eat it.
But, I had many reasons to celebrate and as I admitted last week I'm an emotional eater. 

Happy= eat and drink
Sad= eat and drink

This week was happy! I had my annual girls weekend with my best friends from High School AND (drumroll please) Craig got a job. YAY, we are thankfully back to world of the employed. Phew we can buy diapers again right?!?! And those things don't come cheap.
I am so glad my guilt of well I guess I should have tried breast feeding longer can go back to never never land cause yes I'll admitted it... it totally grossed me out and I hated it. 2 months was more than enough for me and please don't chastise me for it. I know, I know, I know... I'm selfish, I suck, I would be thinner... I couldn't take it. Plus I was totally stressed out with life don't ever move right after you have a baby,  my milk supply was well water.

But I feel like crude thanks to eating crap all weekend so this week its detox. Yes no sugar, no carbs, no junk. But happily I didn't gain any weight just didn't lose any.  Next week will be better and someone better hold me to it!


Karina Vader said...

Good luck this week! :)

Jessica said...

Good luck with the detox. Now I want pizza, though.

laura m said...

that pizza was gooooooood. and two months is a pretty decent time bfeeding if you ask me:).