Saturday, February 13, 2010

A letter to our son

It was a year ago yesterday that the world turned inside out and upside down. A year ago yesterday through watery eyes we saw a baby boy bouncing around an ultrasound screen. With tear stained cheeks and two hearts bursting with joy your dad and I felt the life we found in you. You were beautiful then already sporting your perfect profile, you flipped and floated showing us just how perfect all your parts were. Your heartbeat flawless, you were perfect.

Life began in that moment, everything was different but everything was better. I thought I loved you then, but then I got to know you and today I love you more. Your scratchy voice, your laughs out of nowhere, the smile you greet me with every morning... your such a happy child that daily reminds me of how thankful I am for you. You are your daddy's son, with a turn of a head or squeal I suddenly see him across your face. I can not wait to see the man you grow to be, for you will always have our love and support and to us you will be perfect. Feb. 12 will forever be your day, I will never forget the day my life changed, the day you were named and the day I found out one of many reasons I love your daddy more than I can comprehend.

Your daddy and I can not even express the love we have for you. You steal our hearts everyday.

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