Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My new love...

Even though I am staying home right now and not really working, some consulting here and there as I find it, I have discovered I have a whole new appreciation for working moms. I am pretty sure I would have a total breakdown if I was trying to work a full time job, be a good wife and good mother. Not to mention day cares make cringe and if I had to drop my adorable angel there while strangers got to watch his daily growth and milestones I would cry and cry. Like I said women who do this, WOW you are amazing!!

But back to my new love, my crock pot. Why you ask, well even though I am home all day I often reach 4pm without so much as a shower and wondering where did the day go. My 11lb ball of love is time consuming, if I am not feeding him, changing his diaper or soothing some tears I am probably enjoying playing and talking to him. And then suddenly its 7pm which means bath and bedtime and then at 745 my husband wants to know whats for dinner. After serving dinner at 9pm a few weeks I decided to break out the crock pot and see what I could do. AND then I found this blog and now well I may break the crock pot from over use. If you find yourself totally out of time check out her blog and try some recipes.

Throw in a pot and smell it all day!

Crockpot 365

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