Monday, September 14, 2009

Holman Family Update...

Its been awhile since I last updated everyone on life at the Holman Household. Its amazing how busy a day can be when caring for a little one. EJ and I have managed to get our house almost completely unpacked and wow has that been a process. I was determined to get rid of all the junk Craig and I had gathered the last few years so that we had room. I am attempting to start the rule bring something in, something has to go out. I hate clutter we will see if it works, Craig loves to keep everything. EJ and I finally made it to Memphis to meet the other side of the family it was nice to spend a week there however it was under super sad circumstances. My best and oldest friend lost her mother to a battle with cancer. It was a somber day but one that had a happy note as my closest friends and I were able to get together. We missed our dear Laura but she was at home recovering from the birth of her baby boy Levi!! On a truly amazing note Lindsey's mom left our world and less than 5 minutes later Levi entered. So as sad as it was we celebrated the life of a sweet woman and the life to come of a precious baby boy. Gives you goosebumps doesn't it.

Here are some pics of the little man! He is growing like crazy. I am in the process of teaching myself photoshop so I can clean up the pics that we take. I used to be able to navigate it a bit in college so with my basic knowledge and Photoshop for dummies I hope to have it all figured out soon.

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