Tuesday, June 9, 2009

37 weeks... only 3 to go!

Not too much to report I am about 40% effaced and no dilation just yet. Of course the doctor said that didn't matter it could change overnight. We shall see, nightly walks in hope of speeding along the process. Since Craig is changing jobs he has a nice 10 day window that he will be home so it would be really nice for EJ to join us then so Dad can start work and train without missing a few days the first or second week. Ha! I am sure EJ will mind us. The only concern at this point is my blood pressure is way up but I have gotten a blood pressure cuff and am suppose to take it twice a day if it gets over 140/90 then I am suppose to call. We were close today with a reading of 130/88. We will all cross our fingers that it fixes itself.

I promise to take one final belly shot this week for all who want to see. Let me tell you I am swollen, its so fun and not cute but I am sure EJ would like to know what he looked like in the belly one day.

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