Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Great Holiday Stress Out

I have a love affair with the holiday season. I absolutely love everything about it, the traditions, the decor and even the cool weather. Christmas trees should be accompanied by a fire and hot cup of cocoa.
 However, I don't need the snow. It's pretty and all but I prefer to not feel like my limbs are going to freeze off. A few years ago, Craig and I spent Christmas in Colorado and let me tell you I had quite the perfect picture in my head about how wonderful a white Christmas would be. I was dead wrong. It is not for me. It was down right cold and I did not even leave the condo on Christmas. Not to mention, we did not exchange any gifts. We did it before we left so we wouldn't have to travel with them and it really felt like any other day. It was downright weird. It was not a favorite memory at all. I missed my family, I missed the hustle and bustle of waking early making coffee and cinnamon rolls and opening gifts. This Southern Gal likes "her Christmas" cool but not frigid and full of family.

My only complaint with the holidays is undoubtedly there is stress. Presents for friends and family, getting the decorations up, parties and Christmas cards. Last year, I failed at Christmas. I ordered pictures too late so I had to come up with new presents literally the day before Christmas. I was wrapping at the final hour and the Christmas cards resulted in me staying up way too late one night texting friends for current addresses and addressing envelopes. I am pretty confident that most got there card after Christmas. It was nightmare. I vowed to never repeat it.

This year,I started coming up with presents early fall and by December 1st my gifts were bought AND wrapped. We put up our tree and I immediately placed all the gifts under it. Santa is in hiding. Our decorations are out and this year I am having fun with the holidays. Baking cookies, watching movies and relaxing. Relishing in what should be done this season not stressing out. And when I realized we had no good pictures for the Christmas card and that we would need to take a few and then that would mean cards arriving too close to Christmas to not cause stress I came up with a new plan. The New Years card. I think its fantastic and it just may be our family's thing. It will arrive after the masses. Not to mention NYE is a very special night to me. It is the night not too many years ago I met my dashing man sporting a bow tie and the rest is, well, history.

And the holiday season will be low stress because I am not ruining the season over a card, presents or decorations ever again.

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~*Jess*~ said...

Christmas IS stressful but luckily a good chunk of our shopping is done too :) And being home for a little longer during the holidays will take away the pressure of having to fit time in to see everyone. That and I'll be playing the pregnant woman does what she wants card :)