Monday, July 27, 2009


Please excuse the delay in posting, I promise now that we have the little man I will be back on track with daily blurbs and fun pics so all of our friends and family both near and far can watch the rapidly growing EJ.

For those of you who don't know the last month has been anything but uneventful. We discovered about a week before EJ's scheduled arrival that our cute little rental had a mega mold problem. Like my entire left side of my face swelled up, I looked like I had the mumps and as soon as we would leave it start to go away. After a few days of misery, nothing hurts quite like a bad swell, we decided that this problem was not going to fix itself and Craig went after the HVAC unit to change the filters and I broke out the bleach. Well sadly we learned that due to our landlord's insulating our entire unit in Insulation, A we could not change the filters and B it was a haven for bad mold and mildew. Basically mold was running all threw our house and there was not an easy or quick fix in the cards. So long story short we moved in with Craig's parents and stayed there until a week ago. Not an ideal situation but the only choice we had.

Thank god we moved last Friday and can start to get on track as our little family. Stay Tuned I will post the birth story and some pics soon.

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