Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today,  Craig and I got to have a little glimpse of little EJ with a 3d ultrasound. Of course, he did what he wanted which was sleeping at the time and spent most of the session with his face pushed up against my uterus and his hand over his face sucking his thumb. But, we were able to get a few good shots and it appears he will have chubby cheeks, a button nose and there even looks like there may be some hair on the way. 

We were given a DVD of the entire season which is too cute, he even sticks his tongue out at us at one pt. This was quite an exciting evening getting to know him a little more and I can honestly say we just can't wait to meet him. Enjoy!! 


----------------------------------------------------------- said...

These are amazing! He is so precious! Can't wait to see him in person! Love you.
PS- I'm so glad you have a blog!!!

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That was from Ragan :)